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    Consulate General Events
Acting Consul General Mr. Wang Yong refutes an editorial by Chicago Tribune on the arbitration of South China Sea
 · Consul General Zhao Weiping Paid a Farewell Call on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (2016-05-18)
 · Consul General Zhao Weiping's Remarks at the Reception for China Eastern Airlines' Inaugural Flight between Shanghai and Chicago (2016-03-25)
 · Consul General Zhao Weiping's Remarks at Ribbon-cutting Ceremony of China Eastern Airlines Inaugural Flight (2016-03-25)
 · Consul General Zhao Weiping's Remarks on the Evening Reception for the Exhibition Preview of China's First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors (2016-03-22)
    Important Notice
 · Holidays in the Year of 2016 of Passport and Visa Office (2015-12-18)
 · Passport and Visa Office will be closed on Nov. 26th and Nov. 27th, 2015 (2015-11-25)
 · Passport and Visa Office to be closed on Friday, Sep. 4, 2015 (2015-07-30)
 · Holidays in the Year of 2015 of Passport and Visa Office (2014-12-25)
    China News
 · The Tribunal's Award in the "South China Sea Arbitration" Initiated by the Philippines Is Null and Void (2016-07-23)
 · Reform only way forward for China's economy (2016-07-21)
 · Xi orders China's developed east to better aid poor west (2016-07-21)
 · China repatriates 141 fugitive officials since 2015 (2016-07-21)
    Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks
 · Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks on UK Adding ETIM to List of "Proscribed Terrorist Organizations" (2016-07-22)
 · Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks on South Sudan Situation and China's Work to De-escalate South Sudan Tension (2016-07-20)
 · Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks on Engagement Between Chinese and Philippine Foreign Ministers During ASEM Summit (2016-07-19)
 · Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks (2016-07-18)