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Address: 3322 West Peterson Avenue ,  Chicago, IL 60659

Tel  :773-279-0701,-0702,-0705,-0706         Fax:773-279-0370

Office Hours:     9:00AM - 12:00PM        1:30PM - 4:30PM      Monday - Friday

Contact Person Title Telephone Duty

Mr. Tongzeng Bao                   Consul        773-279-0701                 Head of the Office

Ms. Cuiying Xu                        Consul        773-279-0702Ext.231     Administration, Wisconsin and IIT

Mr. Ji Yuan                             Consul         773-279-0702Ext.225     Colorado, Iowa and other universities in Chicago

Mr. Sheng Xiong                     Consul         773-279-0702Ext.315     Minnesota, Missouri and UIC     

Mr. Zhigang Zhang           Vice Consul        773-279-0702Ext.226     Michigan, Kansas and Northwestern University   

Mr. Jiajie Jiang                 Vice Consul        773-279-0702Ext.228     Illinois,Indiana and University of Chicago

Mr.Weizhong Wang                 Consul        773-279-0702Ext.316     Accounting

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