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Premier invites multinational companies to invest in China

Premier Li Keqiang said on June 7 that the Chinese government will take more measures to attract foreign investors, creating an equal, fair and transparent market environment for enterprises at home and abroad.

He made the remarks while meeting with chairmen and CEOs from Fortune 500 companies, such as German automobile maker Daimler AG, US sports company Nike, and Finnish telecommunication giant Nokia, at the fourth Global CEO Council Roundtable Summit.

Premier Li shared his views on the summit theme of opportunities and challenges for multinational corporations in China's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20).

The momentum of the recovery of the world economy is weak, and growth in international trade is slowing down. Likewise, the Chinese economy is also facing a variety of difficulties and challenges, said the Premier, adding that hope and difficulties co-exist, but there is more hope than difficulties.

China's economy is in the process of transformation and upgrading. The service sector and consumption are contributing more than half to economic growth, and the emerging consumption market including communications, healthcare, and sports has great potential, providing new opportunities for domestic and foreign investors.

The Premier further elaborated that the success of economic upgrading and transformation should rely on both reform of the system and the innovation of technology. "We should carry out an innovation-driven development strategy, and encourage people to start their own businesses," he said. He also emphasized pushing forward the development of new economy, promoting new ideas and concepts to boost new industries, technologies and business mode.


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