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Wang Yi Attends United Nations (UN) High-level Meeting on Action for Peacekeeping Initiative


On September 25, 2018 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the United Nations (UN) high-level meeting on Action for Peacekeeping (A4P) initiative at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Wang Yi said that this year marks the 70th anniversary of UN peacekeeping operations. In the face of new situation and new challenges, it is of great significance that Secretary-General António Guterres launched the A4P initiative. The Chinese side supports the Declaration of Shared Commitments on UN Peacekeeping Operations. Wang Yi also put forward a five-point proposal on strengthening and improving peacekeeping operations:

First, we should adhere to the UN Charter as the fundamental guideline. We should always follow the principles of the UN Charter, such as sovereign equality, non-intervention in other countries' internal affairs, settlement of disputes by peaceful means, as well as the fundamental principles of peacekeeping operations including the consent of concerned parties.

Second, we should stick to political settlement as the fundamental goal. It is the core essence of UN peacekeeping to resolve disputes through political means. The priority of political settlement should be given to all aspects of peacekeeping operations.

Third, we should improve the UN Security Council's mandates as the general principle of action, so as to make them more realistic, actionable, tailored and context-specific and avoid simply pursuing perfection. The member states should timely provide peacekeeping operations with resources that match the mandates while monitoring and improving efficiency.

Fourth, we should plan for peacebuilding as a follow-up. Peacekeeping operations should create a safe and stable environment for the host countries and help them strengthen capacity building, so as to lay a foundation for poverty eradication, the realization of sustainable development, and long-term peace and stability.

Fifth, we should forge strong partnerships as the support. The host countries, troop-contributing countries and financial contributors should form a joint force. The independent peace operations of the African Union are a positive approach of the African countries to solve problems in an African way. The Chinese side supports the UN in providing them with sustainable and predictable financial support.

Wang Yi said that China is a strong supporter and active participant in UN peacekeeping operations. China has fully implemented the major measures announced by President Xi Jinping at the UN Leaders' Summit on Peacekeeping in 2015 and achieved positive results. China is willing to join hands with all peace-loving countries to make the light of peace from peacekeeping operations shine on every corner of the world.

Proposed by UN Secretary-General António Guterres this March, the A4P initiative aims to call on all parties to jointly cope with challenges faced by UN peacekeeping operations, and advocates improving peacekeeping operations in five aspects, namely, people, politics, partnerships, performance and peacebuilding.

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