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No reports of epidemic outbreak in mudslide-hit region: official


There have been no reports of an epidemic outbreak or public health incident in the northwestern Zhouqu County that was hit by a massive mudslide Sunday, a health official said Wednesday.

Zhang Guoxin, vice director of the emergency office of the Health Ministry, made the remarks at a press conference in Beijing.

Emergency medical rescue work was coming to an end and now epidemic prevention was the priority for health authorities, Zhang said.

At least 702 people were killed and 1,042 others are missing after Sunday's mudslide.

A total of 422 injured have been treated as of 10 a.m. Wednesday. All those who were seriously hurt have been sent to hospitals in the cities of Lanzhou and Tianshui, Zhang said.

A survivor who was rescued 60 hours after the mudslide has been transferred to the Gansu Provincial People's Hospital and was currently in stable condition.

"All the injured have been properly treated," Zhang said.

Forty-seven civilian and military medical teams with 779 members are working in Zhouqu, nine of whom are extremely well qualified and rank among the best in the country.

A total area of 310,000 square meters has been sterilized by the teams.

Health authorities have prepared 50,000 pamphlets on health risks for local residents.

Zhang said health authorities were attempting to rebuild hospitals and clinics in Zhouqu as quickly as possible.

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