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Top Ten Events for China's Basic Research

Top Ten Events for China's Basic Research

The top ten events for China's basic research, jointly selected by the Basic Research

Management Center under the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and the

Department of Basic Research affiliated to China Association for Science and Technology,

were unveiled on January 31, 2008, as follows:

1) China successfully launched its first moon probe satellite Chang'e I, and received data

sent back from the satellite;

2) New progresses achieved in multiparticle entanglement and optic quantum


3) Metal glass materials with super plasticity for indoor temperature;

4) Fossilized animal embryos and fossilized animals dated back to 630 million years ago


5) 24-facets platinum nanocrystal developed;

6) CASP8 is proved to have a 6-nucleotides insertion/deletion polymorphism that is

associated with the vulnerability to cancers;

7) Dopamine-mushroom body circuit is proved to have a regulation role in determining

Drosophila's sense of value

8) Inhibiting factor ß-1 is a key factor for regulating the survival of CD4+T and associated autoimmunity;

9) Panda is proved to have kept a relatively high genetic diversity and evolution potentials;

10-A) Double negative refraction is realized in phononic crystals;

10-B) Dissolved inorganic carbon has been proved an important carbon pool in the global

hydrologic cycle.

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