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More Internationalized Suzhou High Tech Park

Suzhou High Tech Park was named an international S&T cooperation center on July 14,

2008. Senior officials from Dept. of International Cooperation, part of Ministry of Science and Technology, Dept. of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province, S&T Bureau under the Suzhou People's Government, and Suzhou High Tech Park, were part of the ceremony.

JIN Xiaoming, Director of MOST International Cooperation, thought highly of the innovations introduced in international S&T cooperation and importing high caliber personnel in the park. Since its establishment, Suzhou High Tech Park has signed cooperation agreements with universities, S&T parks, and technology associations in North America, Europe, and Australia, and stationed more than 100 R&D institutes and engineering centers in the park. Firmly sticking to the combined process of importation, digestion, and re-innovation, it has established a service center for start-ups, industrial incubators, and a start-ups park for returned overseas Chinese students. Up to date, it has introduced and incubated some 1,000 innovative enterprises, and become a rendezvous for domestic and overseas R&D institutes, high tech businesses, and high caliber personnel.

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