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China-US Energy and Climate Change Forum


A China-US energy and climate change forum, jointly sponsored by China Climate Change Commission and American Asia Association, in collaboration with Peking University College of Engineering and Tsinghua University Low Carbon Lab, was opened on April 9, 2009.

Experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, US Development Center, China-US Relations Asia Association, Stanford University, Georgetown University, and Harvard University, were present at the event.

ZHENG Guoguang, Head of China Meteorological Administration said in his speech that the Chinese government established in 2007 a national steering panel led by Chinese Premier WEN Jiabao to deal with climate change issues. China has published the national plan for dealing with climate change, and a medium and long term plan for renewable energy.  The Chinese government published in 2008 a white paper on climate change policies and actions, depicting China's efforts in the area. Of the 4 trillion stimulus package offered by the Chinese government to deal with the current financial crisis, an impressive sum has been secured for energy efficiency and environmental protection.

ZHENG added that both China and the United States have shared many things in common in the context of climate and environment. For example, both countries are featured with noticeable climate change, and frequent attacks of extreme weather and climatic events. China and the United States have had laudable collaborations in the area of energy and climate change, with a fine foundation for the future cooperation in the area of power generating system, oil and gas, environmental pollution, and climate research.(China Science and Technology Newsletter)

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