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China drafts energy stimulus plan


   A preliminary draft for China's energy stimulus plan has been done, but the contents and the time of the bill's launch have not been revealed, a senior energy official said in Beijing Monday, June 1.

    The National Energy Administration has been soliciting opinions from local governments, related authorities, industry players and specialists since April 2, Liu Qi, deputy head of the administration, told a press conference Monday.

    The plan needs more work before it is reported to the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Council, said Liu.

    Liu did not release further details about the content.

    Vice Premier Li Keqiang said by the end of May that China should promote the development of such emerging strategic industries as new energy industry, and the development of new energy and environmentally-friendly products was the key to stabilizing exports and spurring domestic spending and investment.

    According to the vice premier, fiscal and tax incentives should be strengthened to promote application of new energy and environmental protection technology.

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