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China's top legislature considers draft resolution on climate change

China's top legislature began Tuesday, Aug. 25 deliberating a draft resolution on climate change, which aims to accelerate efforts to tackle the challenge of global warming.

The draft, submitted to the 10th session of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People's Congress (NPC), says China "as a developing country" will firmly "maintain the right to development, and opposes "any form of trade protectionism disguised as tackling climate change."

It says developed nations should "take the lead in quantifying their reductions of emissions" and honor their commitments to "support developing countries with funds and technology transfers."

"Since the Industrial Revolution, the activities of mankind, especially economic activities of developed nations during their industrialization process, have become a major reason for climate change," the draft says.

It says development is "first and foremost" and developing countries should actively deal with climate change "within the framework of sustainable development."

The draft further said various cooperative international efforts, for example, between governments and legislative bodies, should be promoted. This would strengthen multilateral exchanges and negotiations and enhance mutual understanding.

China would continue international negotiations on climate change in the spirit of "being highly responsible for the survival and long-term development of mankind", the draft says.

The country would promote a "comprehensive, effective and continuous" implementation of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol, and make new contributions to the protection of global climate.

The draft says China will adhere to "the basic framework" set up in the UNFCCC, signed by more than 150 countries in 1992, and the Protocol, agreed on in 1997 by the majority of the international community, and the principles of "common but differentiated responsibilities", proposed in the convention, as well as "sustainable development."

Tuesday is the second day of the legislature's four-day meeting. They are usually held every two months.

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