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China "deeply concerned" over trade protectionism


    China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) voiced concern Monday about trade protectionism, amid fears that such action would aggravate the economic downturn.

    MOC spokesman Yao Jian told a press conference China was "deeply concerned" over protectionism in some countries, which he didn't identify. "China is against any form of protectionism, and we propose cooperation and negotiation to solve all international trade issues," Yao said.

    The United States Congress last week approved a 787-billion-U.S.-dollar stimulus plan that contains "Buy American" provisions, which limit the purchase of foreign iron, steel and manufactured goods for stimulus-funded infrastructure projects.

    Yao also said China would give its full support to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to restrain the spread of trade protectionism.

    "The WTO's plan on tracking member countries' stimulus packages and the fulfillment of the measures is a good mechanism to restrain trade protectionism. It may urge member countries to commit to their free trading strategy," he said.

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