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China unveils support package for light industry, petrochemical sector


    The State Council, or China's Cabinet, announced plans to boost the country's light industry and petrochemical sectors in a bid to stimulate the economy.

    The country will lift processing trade restrictions on some labor-intensive, technology-intensive, energy-efficient, and environment-friendly products, according to an executive meeting of the State Council on Thursday.

    The government would further raise export rebates of some light industrial products, and extend fiscal and credit support to small and medium-sized firms within the sector.

    It was decided at the meeting, two more products -- microwave ovens and induction cookers -- will be added to the list of home appliances that come with a government subsidy for rural buyers.

    Meanwhile, the Chinese government would strive to boost demand for petrochemical products in order to maintain the stable development of the sector.

    Measures would also be taken to guarantee the supply of farming materials, such as fertilizers, and to push forward technological innovation and construction of major petrochemical projects.

    China said it would unveil support plans for 10 industries to stimulate the economy. So far, similar plans for six sectors - auto, steel, shipbuilding, textile, machinery-manufacturing, electronics and information industries- have been made public.

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