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China to start anti-dumping measure on polyamide-6,6 from 5 countries, region


    The Chinese mainland would start from Friday imposing a temporary anti-dumping measure on polyamide-6,6 imported from the United States, Italy, Britain, France and Taiwan, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said in a bulletin Thursday, June 25.

    The move followed a preliminary ruling made by MOC, which said the four countries and Taiwan have dumped polyamide-6,6 on the Chinese mainland. The dumping caused substantial damage to the mainland polyamide-6,6 industry, it said.

    MOC started an anti-dumping investigation on polyamide-6,6 imported from the four countries and Taiwan in November last year.

    Polyamide-6,6 is a chemical used to produce synthetic fibres and plastics.

    Importers would have to pay a deposit when bringing polyamide-6,6 into the Chinese mainland, MOC said. The amount of the deposit paid at customs would be decided by the dumping margins of different producers, ranging from 10.9 percent to 37.5 percent.

    However, the MOC did not say when, or under what circumstances, the measure would be ended.

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