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China takes countermeasures on US visa procedure
2004-03-31 00:00

China decided on Tuesday to take countermeasures against the US decision to fingerprint most Chinese who will go to the United States.

The measures include granting ordinary visas and levying a visafee for US personnel who hold diplomatic or service passports who are traveling for personal purposes according to their intention and requiring interviews with some US citizens who are applying for visas to China in the Chinese embassy and consulates.

The decision also banned US citizens from applying for visas upon their arrival, noting that the visa application must have been granted before they enter China.

On March 22, the US embassy in China started to collect the fingerprints of Chinese who will go to the United States. The other US consulates in China will follow up, according to the US embassy.

The US practice was targeted at most visa applicants from the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, and excluded Canada and 27 countries in Europe.

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