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China, U.S. hold vice ministerial level consultations on ties, other issues
2009-05-14 22:02


    China and the United States on Wednesday, May 13 in Washington held political consultations at the vice foreign ministerial level on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of mutual concern.

    The consultations were held between visiting Chinese Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg.

    Both sides agreed that the London summit between Chinese President Hu Jintao and U.S. President Barack Obama in early April was a great success, which set the direction for the future growth of bilateral relations.

    Vice Foreign Minister He said China and the United States share extensive common interests not only on how to tackle the current global financial crisis and economic downturn for an early recovery, but also on how to find proper solutions to a series of hot-spot issues and safeguard peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific and the world.

    Therefore, He said, both sides need to increase dialogue, coordination and cooperation.

    He said the Chinese are ready to work with the United States to earnestly implement the consensus reached between the two heads of state and seize the opportunity and momentum to promote further development of bilateral relations in a sustained, healthy and stable manner.

    In order to reach these goals, He said, the two sides should increase high-level contacts and consultations at various levels, ensure the success of the Sino-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogues, expand exchanges and cooperation in such areas as economy and trade, anti-terrorism, law enforcement, energy and environment, deepen communications and consultations on major international and regional issues, and handle differences and sensitive issues properly.

    Steinberg said it was of great importance to both countries and the world at large for China and the United States to strengthen cooperation in a wide range of areas.

    The United States is ready to work with China to move bilateral relations forward along the direction charted by the two heads of state, he said.

    Steinberg echoed He's proposal that the two sides should maintain close high-level contacts and exchanges at various levels, ensure success of the Strategic and Economic Dialogues, and increase exchanges, coordination and cooperation in various fields.

    Vice Minister He reaffirmed the Chinese government's principle positions on Taiwan and Tibet. He hoped that the United States abides by its relevant commitment and treat Taiwan and Tibet-related issues with prudence so that they will not trouble bilateral relations.

    Steinberg said the United States will continue to handle Taiwan-related issues in accordance with the one-China policy, and welcomes and supports the improvement in cross-Straits relations. He said the United States recognizes the concerns of the Chinese on Tibet-related issues and will handle them in a proper manner.

    Vice Minister He and Steinberg also exchanged views on other topics such as the Korean Peninsula and Iran nuclear issues, stability in South Asia, and climate change.

    Also on Wednesday, Vice Minister He held a separate meeting with James Jones, national security adviser to President Obama, and exchanged views on issues of mutual concern.

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