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Liu Jieyi meets with US guests


On December 8, 2008, Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Jieyi met with a delegation of American Council of Young Political Leaders, who are visiting China at the invitation of the All-China Youth Federation.

Liu briefed on the enormous development of bilateral ties over the past three decades since the establishment of China-U.S. diploma relations, expressing hope that the members of the U.S. delegation will gain a better understanding of China and of Sino-U.S. relations through this visit in a bid to play a positive role in promoting the friendship and cooperation between the two countries and their peoples. Liu also took questions from the U.S. side on China's development and relevant international and regional issues.

The U.S. side noted that both sides can push their ties for greater development through enhanced dialogue and cooperation. Through this visit, they have increased their understanding and knowledge about China and are ready to make efforts for promoting U.S.-China relations.

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