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A horrible experience

  This weekend, I went to Chinatown with my family to enjoy our most favorite Chinese restaurant. However, we were all disappointed. It is not because of the food but the horrible thing that happened on the way to the restaurant.

  When we were walking to the restaurant, a young lady came to us, and said she needs our help. I thought she was in trouble and would like to help her. But she suddenly took some horrible and bloody photos, and showed them to my 9 yeas old daughter. I was very angry that what she did to my little girl.

  I: Oh my god, what are you doing? How can you show those horrible pictures to my children? You scared her.

  Young lady: Sir, I just want show you the truth.

  I: Sorry, I am not interested in your so-called truth. I just care about my family.

  Young lady: Sir, Chinese government persecutes my friend to death. Because they practice falun gong.

  I: madam, I heard shadowboxing , and I know Chinese government encourage people to practice it so as to be health. Why they persecute falun gong?

  The Young lady became very excited, and say : you should to be against Chinese government and support us, then our shifu will protect you and your family. The people who support Chinese government will be in judgment at last.


  What she said became more and more strange. My daughter was scared and was crying. I became angry and left with my family. This experience made us feel disappointed. I know many religions and other organization. But the organization that enforced passerby to support them , otherwise  will be punished by their so-called god is the first one and the most disgusting one.

  (Perspectives.com, April 28, 2009)

  Original text from: http://perspectives.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=203538&forum_id=70

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