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Nina Karpachova calls for the government's ban on Falun Gong in Ukraine


  Nina Karpachova, the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rightssaid in a recent media interview that the Ukrainian government should take measures to ban Falun Gong organization in the country.

  She says most Falun Gong practitioners in Ukraine are employed and get their salary regularly. Their main task is to stir up troubles in the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Ukraine and the center of Kiev, and to carry out acts of sabotage during Chinese leaders' visits. In fact, under the banner of religion, what they are engaged in are cultic and political activities, which is exactly the same as other international cults, including the People's Temple and Aum Supreme Truth. This also defies the modern civilization and brings great harm to the society.

  Karpachova says she understands and supports Chinese government's ban on Falun Gong organization according to law. And she has appealed to the Ukrainian government for banning the local "Falun Gong Follower Association" out of human rights protection, which could make the Ukrainian citizens, especially the teenagers avoid the delusion and harm of Falun Gong organization.

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